Personalized teddy bears

Are you tired of the conventional bears and want the personalized teddy bears instead? Well, now you can easily and cheaply do it for any occasion. Since some occasions require one to give a perfect gift, one may opt to give the bears. But it will help if one goes the extra mile to make them look stylish.

Paw pad

One of the areas where can customize the teddy bears is the paw pad. Adding text which could be a few lines would easily change the way we look at the bears. One does not need to say so much because just a three lines of text would suffice.


Who wouldn’t go the extra mile to make their bears extra special with a monogram? Anyone, given a chance would build on their bears something to behold. The monogram is a good starting point.

 Custom jumper

There are many clothes that one can fit their bears. However, none would be as outstanding as a jumper that has been customized to look good on the bear.

A t-shirt

How about donning it with a funky t-shirt? Well, the bold ones will tell you that experimenting with various clothes is the way to go. This explains the choice of the t-shirt to pass a strong statement to the effect that you know what is good for the teddy bears.


Besides the text lines, one will find that beloved photos could be added on the front, back or the side of the bears. One will simply go to the photo galleries and select a few of the photos that they like and then have the photos printed on the bears. The use of the photos is one of the best ways in which one can customize the bears.


If you are giving the bear to a friend you know well, you can add their name on the bear. The name can either be handcrafted, machine stitched, embroidered or simply printed. The baby may not know how to read but will definitely grow up to appreciate the painstaking work of embroidering the name on the bear.


One can have something like the occupation of the person receiving the bear. If for example it is your wife who is a nurse by profession and she is commemorating 10 years as a nurse, she will gladly appreciate the teddy bear with not only her name on it but the occupation as well.


If ones son, daughter or the child of a colleague/best friend is graduating, one way to show love is to give a teddy bear with the degree in which they are graduating from. Most of the times, the teddy bears are given to girls and women, though there is actually no harm in giving them to the boys.

Special message

Convey that special message on the teddy bear and especially if there is an occasion that is being marked like an anniversary. One find that the bears handy during such occasions.

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